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Welcome to Twisted Branches - "Home of the First Real Freebie Website" where everything listed is always 100% Free and there is never a hassle to sign up for anything! You will not have to complete another offer to receive your free item, and you will not find any of those "yes-yes," "no-no," type of questionnaires here either. Those aren't real freebies and we will not list them on our site!

We are currently in the process of updating our website and making our transition back home after closing Twisted Branches Forums and greatly appreciate your patience during this time. Be sure to check back often and watch for announments on Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime, may we suggest you use our "Site Map" to navigate our website and if you have and questions or concerns, please Contact Us.

Thank you for visiting Twisted Branches and please drop by again!

 Baby Products Baby Products
Free gifts, samples, magazines and information for babies and new and expecting parents.

 Beauty Products Beauty Products
Free cosmetics, beauty supplies, accessories and more.  Sign up for free product samples, giveaways and promotional products.

 Books and Brochures Books and Brochures
Free books and brochures for your reading pleasure.  If you like to read but want to avoid spending money, you will want to check this out.

 CDs, DVDs, Cassettes and Videos CDs, DVDs, Cassettes and Videos
We have free entertainment and informative offers too!  Check it out and see what offers you can find.

 Clothing and Accessories Clothing and Accessories
Find free t-shirts, hats, wristbands and more!

 Computer and Office Supplies Computer and Office Supplies
Free samples and promotional items for your office or business.

 Cookbooks and Recipes Cookbooks and Recipes
Lots of free cookbooks and recipe brochures.  If you like to cook, be sure to check this one out!

 Drinks and Beverages Drinks and Beverages
Free samples, coupons and more, that let you try before you buy.

 Food Products Food Products
Check out what's new with free samples and coupons from brand name manufactures.

 Hair Care Products Hair Care Products
Find free samples of shampoos, conditioners and other products for your hair.

 Health Care Products Health Care Products
You'll find tons of free samples here.  Pain relievers, vitamins, supplements, weight loss products and more!

 Household Products Household Products
Find samples and free offers of household cleaning and maintenance products for your home and garden.

 Kid's Stuff Kid's Stuff
Hey kids!  We have a special spot just for you.  We know you like getting something in the mail too :)

 Magazine Subscriptions Magazine Subscriptions
Sign up for complimentary subscriptions for magazines without any obligation what so ever.  All these offers are 100% Free!

 Miscellaneous Offers Miscellaneous Offers
We put everything else here.   Tons of freebie offers you won't want to miss!

 Perfume and Cologne Perfume and Cologne
Find samples of fragrances that let you try before you buy.

 Personal Hygiene Products Personal Hygiene Products
Sign up for free razors, deodorants, soaps and other personal products here.

 Pet Products Pet Products
Free samples and coupons for free pet products for all your pets and more.

 Posters Posters
Here's one that might appeal to the teens out there.   Check out the selection of free posters we found for you.

 Religious Offers Religious Offers
Find all the free religious offers all in one place from bibles to cds to magazines.

 Stickers Stickers
And don't forget to sign up for your free stickers.  The kids love these you know!

 Teachers & Educators Teachers & Educators
We appreciate all our teachers and educators and have devoted a special section just for them :)

 Travel Offers Travel Offers
Planning a vacation or like to travel?   Be sure to check out these free offers before you go on your next trip!

 Other Freebie Sites Other Freebie Sites
We hate to see you go, but if you must, here are some links to other freebie sites you might want to check out.


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